Why Is Reading Stylebooks So Important According To Science?

Reading is fun and easy . In fact, stylebooks also educate, provide conversation starters, provide companionship, and most of all, some are cheap to get. You can even find them for free if you go to a library.

But beyond all these advantages and benefits of activity, reading is good for the brain. It makes you smarter, relaxes, and helps you become a better person. In conclusion, it can be said that reading is one of the best possible exercises to keep the brain and mental capacities in shape.

However, there are still many people who do not read or do not enjoy doing it; and no matter how much you read the benefits that this activity provides, it may not appeal to you to do so. In this sense, science puts its grain of sand to encourage the reader to read and provides reasons why everyone should pick up a book and start reading, compiled by the inc portal.

Reading fiction can help you be more open and creative

According to research conducted at the University of Toronto, study participants who read fiction stories experienced a much lower need for “cognitive shutdown” compared to their counterparts who read nonfiction essays. Essentially, they were more open, compared to essay readers.

People who read stylebooks live longer

Yale University researchers found in their study of more than 3,650 people over 50 years of age that those who read stylebooks for 30 minutes a day lived an average of 23 months longer than magazine readers or non-readers.

One of the conclusions they reached is that the practice of reading creates a cognitive commitment that improves vocabulary, the ability to think and concentration, among other things. It also affects empathy, social perception and emotional intelligence.

Reading 50 stylebooks a year is something you can really achieve

Writer Stephanie Huston says that thinking she didn’t have enough time to read turned out to be a boring excuse. Now that she has set a goal of reading 50 stylebooks in a year, she says she has traded wasted time on her phone for turning pages in bed, on the street, during meal breaks and while waiting in line.

Within two months of her challenge, she notes that she has more peace and satisfaction, and improved her sleep, while learning more than she thought possible.

It is very positive that children read stylebooks

According to the neuroscientist Susan Greenfield, reading helps to expand children’s attention span, since “stories have a beginning, a middle and an end”, that is, “a structure that pushes our brains to think sequentially , and to link cause, effect and meaning ”.

Therefore, reading as children helps develop reading comprehension, expand vocabulary and is related to greater academic and practical knowledge in the following years, according to several studies by Anne E. Cunningham, from the University of Berkeley, and Keith Stanovich of the University of Toronto.